3 Tips to Help Kick Start the Unpacking Process

As a leading Chicago moving
company, Fort Dearborn Relocation has helped thousands of people with smooth and streamlined moves. Although we offer unpacking services, many of our customers opt to handle this process on their own. If you choose to do the same, ensure you have a plan in place so you can move through this procedure as quick as possible. To help get started, we’ve
put together three essential tips to help kick start the packing process.

Start With the Essentials

If you planned correctly, your essentials box will be the last box loaded on the truck and the first one unloaded. This box should contain all of the essential items you need in your day-to-day life. It should include items like your toothbrush, phone charger, medication etc.

Plan Out Your Room Arrangements

The last thing you want to do is unpack all of your items and have no idea where to put them. Before you move past the essentials box, plan out where your place your furniture and how you want it arranged. Then, figure out where you want the rest of you possessions to go. This will make your unpacking process much more organized and efficient.

Have a Set of Tools Handy

If you plan on assembling furniture yourself of decorating your new home immediately, make sure you keep a set of tools with you in your car or next to your essentials box in the back of the truck. You’ll only need the following:

Utility knife or box cutter to open boxes

Screwdriver to reassemble furniture

Hammer and nails to hang decorations or pictures

Rule or measuring tape

Towels for sliding furniture

By following these moving and unpacking tips, you’ll have everything in your home arranged quickly. If you’d rather our experts handle it, contact us to learn more about how we can help. Call Fort Dearborn Relocation or fill out our online form to receive your free quote today!

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