4 Unpacking Tips For Setting Up Your New Home Quickly and Efficiently

Unpacking after a household move might be a bit tedious, but it doesn’t have to be stressful. In fact, if you’re organized with your unpacking, it can be quite satisfying. Having everything in its place and your new home set up exactly as you want it can feel like an achievement.

But, without organization, unpacking can be frustrating. So, here are some unpacking tips to make sure your household move goes as smoothly as possible.

Pack The Essentials Separately

Some important items should go with you, instead of loaded on the moving truck. Include items you will need for unpacking, necessary cleaning, eating, and personal care.

Have each family member pack their own essentials box with a change of clothing, items for personal care, electronic device chargers, and medications.

Also, pack a household essentials box. Remember to include a small toolkit, toilet paper, paper towels, soap, tissues, snacks, water bottles, disposable kitchenware, and garbage bags. Bedding and towels are good to have as well.

Make the Beds

Nothing is more satisfying than climbing into a freshly made bed in your brand new home after a busy day of moving.

As soon as the beds are put together, put the bedding on, and make up the beds so that you have a comfortable place to sleep your first night in your new home.

Room by Room

You’ve probably heard this tip a few times, but it is the golden rule of unpacking. Don’t try and do a bit here and a bit there because your home will end up in chaos. Set your house in order by unpacking room by room.

You may want to start in smaller rooms, like the bathroom and work your way into bigger rooms, like the kitchen.

Unpacking room by room means you only have to focus on one space at a time, which makes it easier for your mind to organize as you go along.

Don’t Drag It Out

No one really wants the overwhelming task of unpacking their entire home, but dragging it out can make it even worse. Find the motivation to get the job done by visualizing your home as you want it.

Play your favorite music while you unpack to make the task as pleasant as you can. Give yourself breaks and reward yourself with small treats after each room is completed. But, be careful to not leave the rest for too long, or you may find that the job is harder to return to.

Recruit Helpers

Moving isn’t a task you want to take on alone. If you’re going to get things done quickly, you’ll need a few pairs of hands to help. This is especially true if you’re undertaking a long distance move. Hiring a moving company will take some of the pressure off during the moving process.

If you have family and friends close by, ask them to lend a hand by helping with the unpacking or cooking a meal, so you don’t have to worry about it. 

Unpacking Tips Make Life Easier

If you’re planning on moving soon, collect as many unpacking tips as you can. Click here for more tips on having a stress-free household move.

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