5 Tips for Packing and Moving Wall Art

Patience and the proper packing materials can make a big difference when packing up for your move.

Here are five tips to help you learn how to pack picture frames for a safe and secure move. 

1. Prevent Shattered Glass

Whenever you are packing pictures with a glass frame, mark an X with masking tape across the glass.

The tape is a precaution so that if your glass does get broken, it won’t move around and cut your art.

Then, use a couple of layers of cling wrap all over the art.

2. Protect the Frame’s Corners

Protecting the corners of your frames during your move is essential. Especially if your frame is valuable or one-of-a-kind.

You can make or buy cardboard corners to protect all four corners of your art pieces. Place these corner protectors over the cling wrap and tape them in place. Be careful to never place tape directly on your artwork or frame.

3. Packing Pictures Without a Frame

Do you have unframed paintings in your home? Moving these pieces requires careful preparation.

Wear white cotton photography gloves whenever you touch your painting. This prevents the oil on your hands from smudging your piece.

Then, wrap the painting in acid-free tissue paper. Never use newspaper because the ink may transfer to your artwork.

Use acid-free tape on the corners to keep the tissue paper in place. Again, only tape the tissue paper; not the painting.

Find two pieces of sturdy cardboard the same size as your painting. Use tape to secure the wrapped picture between the sheets of cardboard. Use several layers of cardboard to secure your art. 

4. Get the Right Size Box

It may take time to find the right box for your artwork. But this is a crucial step in safely moving wall art. 

A box that is too large will leave a lot of room for your artwork to get jostled around.

Measure your wrapped artwork and buy a box that is 2-3 inches larger than your measurements. 

Use rolled-up newspaper or packing peanuts to fill the box so that your artwork doesn’t shift inside the box during the move.

 5. Test your Packing 

When packing pictures, you don’t want to just hope for the best. Once you’ve packed your artwork, close the box but don’t seal it shut.

Test the packaging by gently rocking the box to see if you feel your artwork shifting inside.

If you hear or feel movement inside, open up the box and add more padding. Test again.

Once your item is secure, seal and label the box as “fragile artwork.” That way, your movers will know to take extra care with these items.

On the Move

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