5 Tips To Make Your College Move The Easiest Part Of Your Semester

Whether it is your first year in school or you’re ready to move on to the real world, moving a college student can be difficult.

It is always amazing how much stuff can be hidden in that small dorm room.  If you live in an apartment, this amount is multiplied.

With years of experience as Chicagoland movers, we have seen many college moves.  The moving specialists here at Fort Dearborn Relocation have put together a few tips to save money on your upcoming college move:

  • Get an Estimate– We offer a free moving estimate.  Take advantage of this service to see if how much it will cost you to have a mover move your items.  If you have furniture to move, you will appreciate the extra help!
  • Have a Garage Sale– Generally speaking, roughly a quarter of the items you move will not be used.  Go through all of your items and think about the last time you used it.  Establish a benchmark that makes sense for you whether that is six months, a year, two years, etc.  If it has been longer than this benchmark since you’ve used it, get rid of it.
  • Save Packing Supplies– All of those boxes you have thrown in storage over the years will finally be useful!  Use old newspapers, rags or other packing supplies to protect your breakables.
  • Make Your Belongings Work for You– If you have lots of bags, fill all of them.  Use extra clothes and towels to wrap breakables.  The more you can use your items for packing, the more you maximize your space.
  • Don’t Procrastinate– We all know that college kids love procrastination…but trust us, this isn’t a ten page term paper.  You will have more items than you think.  There will be more prep work than you realize.  Packing is just one part of the move.  You then have to think about loading the car and truck, moving, and unpacking.  Make a realistic timeline and stick to it!

Even for small moves, there is a lot of work.  With proper planning and creative moving solutions, you will have a successful move that won’t break the bank.

If you are looking for a Dekalb mover, call or visit our website to get your free estimate and learn about our moving solutions today!

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