8 Tips for Having Your Space Ready When Moving Into a New House

Over 10% of Americans moved in 2016, and that figure represents a record low. With more than one out of every ten people relocating in any given year, adjusting to the new house is a common problem.

With that in mind, is there anything you should consider when moving into a new house? Absolutely! Here are some tips for having your new space ready when you move to your new home.

1. Purge Things You Don’t Need

The moving process is a whole lot easier if you have fewer things to transport. Plus, you’d be surprised how many things the average person has that they haven’t used in years. You probably even own stuff you haven’t seen in years.

Before your packing begins, be sure to purge as much of your unneeded belongings as possible. Purging will save you money on the move and make better use of the space in your new home.

2. Do’s and Don’ts of Packing

Make sure everything is appropriately packed with the right amount of packing protection. Label each side of every box and indicate the contents and which rooms the boxes go to in your new home.

Be aware that each moving company generally has a list of non-allowable items that they will not move because of safety reasons. Often these things include aerosol cans, cleaning solvents, firearms, and other potentially dangerous items. Discuss the non-allowable items with your moving consultant at your moving company and plan to make arrangements to move these items separately.

3. Call about Utilities

One thing that you must do before moving into a new house is to make sure you’ve switched over your utilities. The last thing anyone wants to do is set the boxes down in their new home only to realize that the electricity and water don’t work.

Set up basic utilities such as electricity, water, and natural gas, plus any extras services like cable, internet, waste removal, and lawn care. Contact the appropriate utility companies two weeks before the move to ensure there is no a gap in service.

4. Clean Up

If possible, do a thorough cleaning of your new home before your belongings arrive.

In the kitchen clean any remaining appliances, scrub the sink, wipe out the cabinets, and clean the countertops. If the previous owners removed the appliances, take the opportunity to clean where those had been before your own appliances arrive.

In the living space and bedrooms, clean the window blinds, steam clean the carpets, and wash down the walls.

In each bathroom scrub the toilets, bathtubs, and shower areas. Also, change out the toilet seats,

5. Change Keys and Locks

When you gain possession of your new house, change the locks as soon as possible. New locks will provide a sense of security in your new place. You never know how many old spare keys to the home have been passed around.

New locks and new keys will ensure that only those you have personally given keys to will be able to get in.

6. Talk to the Neighbors

A lot of people skip this step, but you really shouldn’t. Knowing the neighbors helps to create a support network in your new neighborhood. Plus, if you’re an introvert who’s new to the town, you might find a friend among them.

7. Change Your Address

Make arrangements to have your address officially changed through the US Post Office.

Two weeks before your move, notify everyone who sends you mail about your address change and the date of your relocation. Most bills and statements have an area for making an address change notification.

Make sure credit card companies, banks, and other important contacts know your new address.

8. Check and Replace the Furnace Filter

The furnace filter plays an essential part in home comfort and indoor air quality. Check and change your furnace filter regularly for better system performance, comfort, and energy efficiency.

The Realities of Moving into a New House

Moving into a new house requires a lot of work and foresight. You’ll want to take care of everything from cleaning to security and much more. We’ve mentioned only a few of them there, but we encourage you to do more research before moving.

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