All Hands On The Wheel

When moving to a new home, there’s often an urgent desire to just have the move over with and somehow miraculously already be enjoying the comforts of your new space. At Fort Dearborn Relocation, we take the major stresses away from you and put them in the hands of our experts.

It all begins with the free moving estimate. It’s the estimator’s job to be the mathematicians of our network. By observing the size of your home as well as the approximate quantities and weight of your belongings, they can provide you with an estimate of how much your overall move will cost. The results are impressively accurate. We offer free estimates so there is no risk in finding out exactly how much it would cost for you to move with Fort Dearborn Relocation.

If you decide to book, one of our coordinators will be in contact with you. Our coordinators and estimators work closely with one another, so your representative will already be familiar with the details of your move. They will be your liaison at our home base throughout the entire process and are always available to answer your questions. It’s their job to ensure that from start to finish, this transition happens smoothly and they are quick to tackle any obstacles that may complicate matters. They are experts at understanding all aspects of what goes into relocation and are always adapting to new laws, regulations, or procedures in order to provide you with the smoothest move possible.

Our dispatchers work closely with our coordinators and the scheduling of other moves to assign crewmembers and a driver for you. With our Chicago moving crews, you can always expect the utmost in customer service. They will handle your belongings and your household with the highest quality of care. Next it’s up to our drivers to transport your valuables to their final destination and we employ some of the finest professionals to do so. Our drivers have years of experience on the road so you can feel at ease in knowing that your items are traveling in good hands.

The final stages of your move take place after you are all settled in your new home and are finally beginning to enjoy your new space. That’s when our accounting department and our claims department finalize the last details of your move and verify all the specific costs that have been encountered along the way.

When moving with Fort Dearborn Relocation, we employ all of our resources and the skills of our expert staff in order to provide you with the highest standards of service. We aim to offer you a smooth and stress-free move so you can focus on what’s in store for you in this next phase of your life.

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