Choosing Your Moving Company: 5 Things to Look For in a Moving Service

Are you all set for your big move?

We all have to go through a household move at some point. In fact, around 39.4 million Americans move each year. It can be an exciting time, but it can also be stressful if you don’t know which movers are the best to go with.

Read on for five tips for what to look for to find the right moving company for you.

1. Make Sure They’re Licensed

When hiring a mover, find a company that’s properly licensed to operate in your state, and that follows all required federal moving regulations. License and insurance regulations vary between states and differ between local, long-distance, and international moves.

If a mover makes interstate moves, they must register with the US Department of Transportation. They’re then given as USDOT number unique to them. You can check that a moving company has a valid DOT number by searching the Department of Transport website.

2. Ask People You Trust for Recommendations

We all want a smooth move so we can get to unpacking in our new homes.

Ask who your friends and family used and what they thought of them. Many of them will have moved before and will have experience with moving companies.

If someone you know recommends a professional mover, request additional information. Inquire why they were happy and satisfied with their choice of movers. Ask for details that will help with your situation and search for a professional mover.

3. Check Their Track Record

Generally, moving companies with many years of experience are proven to be trusted and reliable. Experience is an essential factor when selecting a mover.

The longevity of a company does not necessarily guarantee excellent service, but a company that stays competitive for years most likely has proven success. Also, you want to hire experienced, resourceful movers who know how to tackle various moving challenges that come their way.

Research the company online to get an idea of their track record. Were they consistently on time? Were there hidden fees? Did they handle people’s belongings well? You want to make sure that they will be professional and will handle your possessions with care.

4. Are Their Rates Transparent?

When reaching out to professional movers, request an in-home survey of the things they will move. An on-site or virtual inspection from moving pros will provide a moving estimate that will reflect more accurately the final move price.

Also, in-home surveys will help the professional moving company identify potential problems or challenges for the moving day. Accordingly, they will be more prepared for moving day challenges and will give you a more precise quote that includes any additional charges.

When you book a mover, you’ll get a quote based on the number of hours and the number of movers needed. This may not include extras like any packing materials or higher rates for large, awkward objects.

5. Make Sure They Fit Your Needs

We all have different needs for moving. Make sure the company you hire can cater to all the things you need to move. So make sure you check this before hiring.

Ask things like:

  • Are their vans big enough for your belongings?
  • Can they provide extra packing supplies like bubble wrap and moving blankets? If so, how much extra will that cost?
  • Are they available when you need them? Can they guarantee those pickup and delivery times?

Choosing the Moving Company For You

So there you have it. If you follow these five tips, you will pick the moving company that will suit all your needs.If you’re planning a move, contact us today to see how we could help make that move as seamless as possible.