Don’t Let The Weather Be The Victor

With all of the recent weather we’ve been experiencing lately, albeit a polar vortex or a drastically fluctuating temperature gauge, it’s important to remember these tips in order to aid in the safe departure and arrival of your belongings.

Our moving crews and drivers all have years of experience in dealing with just about anything that life on the road can throw at them and we take pride in our preparations for impending harsh weather.  The truth is though we can’t accomplish it all on our own. Depending on the type of weather, there are some things that you, as our customer, can do to assist in the efficient and safe handling of your valuables.


  1. Shoveling and clearing all necessary pathways before the driver and crews arrive: This should include pathways to outdoor items that may need to be loaded.
  2. Salting: This is a simple yet very important task and can ultimately mean safer, more efficient loading of your belongings.


  1. Provide shaded areas for when the driver and crews need a moment out of the sun: The heat can quickly affect a person and it’s always a good idea to have a place to cool down when needed.
  2. Provide refreshments: While this is by no means required of our customers, we often see clients that offer our crews refreshment breaks. This can help renew everyone’s energy on a hot day and also provide a moment to get to know the men and women who are working hard to ensure you have a smooth transition.

We strive to prepare our drivers and crews for whatever conditions they may encounter, but it is always a pleasure to come across a customer who cares about our team as much as we do and who aids in the successful relocation of their valuables.

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