Don’t Sweat It: Planning Your Move for Ultimate Ease

With summer right around the corner, it’s important to begin planning your move now to make sure you’re not stuck with just any movers when it comes time to relocate. Whether you’re moving into a new house, moving back home after college or moving to a new office, planning is essential so you get the prices and availability you need during this peak season.

Location, location, location
Preparing to move isn’t just about packing all your belongings into a box; it requires plenty of research as well. Consider the pros and cons of where you want to live and where you need to live. Research job options, check out local neighborhoods, and see what transportation options are available. Next, take your top options and find out the cost of living, taxes, and expenses. A safe bet is to figure out the monthly cost of living and save up a blanket of how many months you believe it will take you to get a job, if you haven’t secured one already.

Take inventory; trim the excess

Now that you’ve figured out the cost of living, it’s time to figure out the cost of your actual move. Take an inventory of all your absolute necessities. This includes essential furniture, keepsakes, electronics, and supplies. Afterwards, take inventory of items you want but can live without such as knick-knacks, DVDs, books, old clothes, etc. Remember to keep in mind an item’s weight when making your inventory. The cost of moving an item across states may be more costly than simply donating it and buying a new one once you’ve moved. After you’ve taken inventory, get rid of any unnecessary items. One of the great things about moving is that you get a chance to look over what you have and really get a fresh start without all the unwanted “stuff” weighing you down.

Find your movers
Warm summer months are some of the most popular times to move, and what good does all your research and preparation do without actually finding the best movers for you? Finding movers is more than a good price—it’s about trust and knowing your items will arrive in the same condition they were packed. Movers come in all shapes and sizes with as little or as many services you need. Consider first what services you require. Do you need your movers to pack for you? Are you moving to an apartment, a house, or an office? Do you need to ship any large items such as an industrial fridge or a car? Do you need help taking frames or items apart? All these are important considerations when looking for the right movers.

Preparing for a move is certainly a process, and planning in advance lets you comfortably take your time so you can avoid the summer rush. With all your ducks in a row, you can get the availability you need to get where you want to be. For over two decades our Rockford movers have serviced the Chicagoland area, offering everything from pre-made moving kits to full-service fragile packing, car or boat shipping to commercial moving. Call us or visit us online to get a fast, free estimate on your move today!