Everyone Has One… What’s Your Moving Story?

International MoversWhether it’s the family in St. Charles moving to Geneva with two dogs, a cat and two young children, to the retiree in Batavia moving to Texas to be closer to family, everyone has a different reason for moving.

As a Relocation Consultant for Fort Dearborn Relocation, I have heard many stories about why people and families are moving. It can be anything from downsizing from the family fortress to the quiet lifestyle of Del Webb (a golfer’s paradise) or to the young couple moving out of their apartment into their first home.

There are stories in the big city (and the small town too!) that I have heard many times in my 15+ years in the moving industry, but I look forward to hearing about the next adventure in moving from my next potential customer.

As always, we stand ready to move anyone, from anywhere and for whatever reason.
That is my story, what is yours?

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