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When you’re moving overseas, it’s normal to feel overwhelmed by sheer number of tasks involved. While domestic moves are complex enough with packing, loading, shipping and delivery, there are many more steps involved when you’re shipping your goods overseas. Rely on the expert Chicago freight forwarder for handling customs, import and export issues, insurance, and the myriad other requirements of global shipping for your move.

For someone who has never completed an overseas move, there will be a steep (and time consuming) learning curve. Instead of taking up your valuable time to get an education in all things relating to overseas shipping, let our Chicago freight forwarding company take care of everything for you.

Global Freight Shipping Expertise

Fort Dearborn Relocation is committed to providing professional, courteous service. Whether you’re relocating within the Americas or to the other side of the world, you can count on us to provide exceptional international moving services at reasonable prices. Don’t stress about learning the ins and outs of global freight shipping. Instead, put our experience to work for you and enjoy a hassle-free international move.

Services of Your Chicago Freight Forwarder

If you’re moving overseas for the first time, you may have never even heard of global freight forwarding—much less understand what we do. Instead of having to deal with carriers, customs, insurance, handlers, and the others involved in ensuring your belongings arrive safely, we’ll act as an intermediary between you and them. We’ll help with:

  • Proper Packing – Packing for overseas shipping isn’t the same as packing for a domestic move. Keep in mind that your boxes will be moved several times as they make their way overseas. Also, they will likely be subjected to extreme temperatures. If air travel is involved, you’ll want the packaging to be lighter. While it’s a lot to learn, when you hire us as your Chicago freight forwarder, we’ll guide you through the entire process.
  • Labeling – Scribbling “Mom’s bedroom” on a box is not sufficient labeling for an overseas move. Instead, there are labeling requirements that must be met in order to avoid your items being held at any point along the journey. Fort Dearborn Relocation has done this a few thousand times, so we are well versed in all the requirements and can help ensure its smooth sailing for your shipment.
  • Documentation – Improper or missing documentation is another way that your items may be held up. Don’t forget your bill of lading, certificate of origin, and export packing list! You don’t know what any of those are? That’s OK. Our global freight shipping experts will handle it.
  • Freight Logistics – Coordinating all the moving parts of a global shipment, including the hand-off to third party carriers and arrival at your international destination requires exceptional planning, precise tracking and specialized resources of international freight forwarding professionals.
  • Multi-Modal Shipping – Whether your relocation involves rapid air freight shipping or cost-effective ocean cargo shipping, it will likely also involve rail or truckload shipping components for delivery to the hangar or port.
  • Pickup and Delivery – Of course we pick up your household goods and deliver; however, the precision required of international freight shipping includes exact, on-time windows at each stage of transit to ensure your shipment remains in transit and at your door when expected.

Simplifying Overseas Shipping

Our experienced international freight forwarding and moving professionals provide simple, cost-effective options that make it easy to complete your overseas move. We provide pickup in Chicago, delivery at your new destination, and everything required in between. For affordable, hassle-free overseas shipping, Fort Dearborn Relocation is the smart choice.

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