How Should We Tip The Movers

Specialized MovingThis is by far one of the hardest questions to answer because no rules apply!  I find it hard for our customers to digest it’s whatever their budget allows.  It can literally range from one end of the spectrum to the other.

People, what kind of operation do you think we run?  Our crew members arrive to a job site with being open minds, positive attitudes and are ready for attack. They do not allow the size of your home to set their mood for the day nor do they come with the mindset of “I wonder how much I can make today?” We have professional DeKalb movers that come ready to complete your move in a timely, efficient and effective way.  Sometimes they even end up being entertainment for our customers!

When the issue is pressed about tipping I suggest them putting themselves in our crew member’s position and tip according to their performance level.  Think about if they have flights of stairs to climb or have to carry a heavy or large piece a long distance.

This is a free game and there are options!  You can individually tip or give a lump sum to the crew’s foreman to disburse evenly amongst the staff once their job has been completed.  Heck, you can even provide the crew lunch.  Do whatever you feel is appropriate.   Anything given to our labor personnel is appreciated as there is never an expectation.  Believe me no offer or lack of offer is ever frowned upon.

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