Moving Into Your New Home: 4 Ways To Do It Better

Your moving day can and will evoke a myriad of emotions. While it’s an undeniably stressful experience, it can also be exciting to imagine the possibilities that await you in your new space. To help with the process, the professional Chicago residential movers of Fort Dearborn Relocation have come up with a list of tips that’ll make your transition simpler than you ever thought possible: 

  1. Make yourself a floor plan: take the confusion out of moving day by drawing a floor plan of your new home or apartment and sketching in the way in which you want your furniture to be arranged. This’ll save you and your movers time and effort when things get hectic
  2. Double check your inventory: if you’ve hired your movers to pack your things, we recommend being there during the packing job – ensuring the right items are stowed away together and easily accessible.
  3. No Kids. No Pets: Whether you’re moving yourself or you’ve hired professionals to make your transition seamless, be sure to keep children and animals occupied with some great activities. Kids and pets can be distracting for movers and a risk for the process, so it’s a good idea to have a babysitter look after the little critters.
  4. Get the parking situation down: when you arrive at your final destination, it’s essential that there’s enough space to park your car and/or the mover’s truck. If you’re moving into a house, there’ll typically be enough space for a truck to park out front; however, if you’re moving into a high rise in the city, you may have to arrange for a space to park in beforehand.

For Chicago residential moving assistance, be sure to visit the Fort Dearborn Relocation website and fill out a Quick Quote Form – it’s easy, fast and will have you in the know about what your relocation will cost you in no time!

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