Moving Out of State With Kids? 3 Top Things to Make it Easier

As an adult, preparing for a move is challenging enough. When you’re preparing for a move with kids, it takes things to another level. Kids often have a hard time understanding the reasons for a move, so when you’re preparing your child for a move, there’s usually a lot you have to explain. 

Once you have your child on board and feeling comfortable with the next steps, the real work begins. Moving out of state with kids requires a lot of packing and logistical planning. And you don’t have the option of putting parenting on hold. 

It’s essential to keep in mind that moving with children is a balancing act. It may feel overwhelming at first, but having a checklist of things to do will make it easier for everyone. 

Here are three tips for making moving with kids easier. 

1. Timing is Everything

As an adult, it’s easy to see the positive reasons for your move and to be excited about making a new home in a new state. For kids, moving is not that simple. The longer you wait to tell them the news, the harder it will be for them to adjust. 

You don’t want to break the news too soon either, especially if there are details still to be worked out. Once you have all of the big questions answered — like where and when — share the news with your kids. Be ready to answer questions and be patient and understanding as they adjust to the news.

2. Get Them Involved

When you’re preparing for moving with children, try to find ways to get them as involved in the process as much as possible. Let them help you pack up items, and show them pictures of your new house or neighborhood. 

If possible, get them involved in designing their new bedroom too. You can set boundaries, of course, but letting your child have a say in decorating their room will give them something to look forward to in your new home. 

3. Stick to the Routine

Moving tends to throw everyone’s schedule out of whack. Adults can handle that, but for kids who are used to a routine, it can make things even harder. 

If possible, keep your child’s routine the same as you prepare to move. Have dinner at the same time, as usual, help them get ready for bed like you usually do, etc. 

Once you move, get back into your routine as quickly as possible as well. Continue with family traditions like popcorn and movie night or family dinners.

This shows your child that even as things are changing, there are certain things they can rely on to always be the same. 

Want More Tips on Moving Out of State with Kids? 

Every move is challenging in its own way, but moving out of state with kids provides a unique set of challenges. The more prepared you are, the more you can prepare them. 

Even if you aren’t looking forward to the process of moving with children, it will all be worth it when you settle into your new home as a family. 

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