Moving To Chicago Shouldn’t Take As Long As Traffic

When moving, we all know the ugly truth, it takes forever. The moving estimate we give to our bosses, is simply just that… an estimate.

So what can you avoid to make that movie estimate into a moving reality? Here are a few things to consider:

• Weather
• Time of day
• Weekend or weekday
• Number of boxes
• Ready-to-go boxes
• Weight of items
• Number of people
• Distance
• Size of truck
• Traffic patterns

There are so many variables to consider that it seems impossible to maintain your moving quote. But establishing a good plan with our movers at Fort Dearborn Relocation, can make your moving estimate more than just an estimate.

1. Creating a plan can save you time when moving.
2. Moving on a weekend can earn you more people, but be aware of traffic patterns.
3. Knowing the size of the moving truck, will help you organize your boxes better. Don’t worry… our movers have packing down to a science.
4. Making sure you have good weather is very important. Snow or rain will slow your movers down in the process. But not our movers! We work in every weather condition Chicago throws at us!
5. Creating an easy-to-read plan helps everyone move more quickly and efficiently.
Let’s face it. Your moving quote just stopped being a quote and finally became a reality. You can smile now.

For a no obligation free moving estimate call 888-523-5554 and let Fort Dearborn Relocate you!

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