Moving with Kids: How to Transition to Your New Home Easier

According to the United States Census Bureau, 11% of the US population moved in 2017. That is 35 million people moving in just one year.

Moving to a new home can be an exciting time for adults. But, sometimes, kids have a hard time leaving behind the familiar for something unknown.

Read on to learn some tips to make moving with kids easier.

Prep Your Kids for the Move

You likely have some notice that you are moving. Give your kids reasonable notice that your family is moving.

Explain what will be different and what will be the same. If you are moving with toddlers, make sure to emphasize that all their toys and clothes and bed will come with you to the new house.

You might want to put together a photo album of the place you are leaving. Let your child snap pictures of your house, his or her friends and school, and favorite neighborhood spots.  

In the new home, let the child keep the album in his or her room.

Watch Your Words and Actions

Your kids will look to you to see how you are reacting to the move. Even if you aren’t thrilled about the change, try to speak positively about the new house and neighborhood.

Saying things like “I can’t wait for us to play at the park behind our house” is a great way to help kids look forward to positive aspects of the move.

But you don’t have to be insincere either. School-aged children are mature enough to see if you are about moving. Just make sure that you show how to manage negative feelings constructively.

Stick to the Schedule

Moving to a new home is a big disruption. One way to ease the transition when moving with children is to stick to the routine.

If you regularly have pizza night on Fridays, keep that going. Keep your regular routines as much as possible to help kids feel a sense of consistency.

This will help them be reassured that while they are in a new place, their family is still the same.

Let them Grieve

It can be excruciating for parents to hear their kids cry from the bottom of their heart for their old school, friends, or babysitter.

But grief is part of the package when moving with children. Especially if you are moving out of state. Let them know it is normal and OK for them to be sad.

At the same time, find gentle ways to help them move on. Perhaps use Skype to call their old friends, or write letters.

New Memories

It is crucial that you make time to help your children start to have positive memories of your new home.

Whether you plan glow-in-the-dark-stick parties in your basement or invite the neighborhood kids to play, find ways to show your kids that there will be happiness in this home too.

Find local activities through school or the park district where they can meet new friends and create new bonds and memories.

Final Thoughts on Moving with Kids

Moving with kids can be a challenge. But by establishing normalcy, highlighting the positive and making new memories, you will make this transition a whole lot smoother.

We know it’s rough. But it will get better. Here are five ways to make moving day easier.

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