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Even though a piano is very large and is structurally sound, it should be handled very delicately during the moving process. Fort Dearborn Relocation has a team of professional movers that have been properly trained in the proper methods of a piano transport. Your Chicago piano movers can ship a piano from downtown to the suburbs or vice-versa; we can even ship your piano to an international destination.

The Chicago piano moving process begins with a pre-move consultation. This is where we hash out all of the particulars, such as the packing and delivery dates, as well as an excellent entry and exit point. By having an executable plan, we can save time on your piano shipping, allowing you to begin playing your piano again quickly.

Piano Shipping Services

Look for a piano shipper, like Fort Dearborn Relocation, that knows how to properly disassemble your piano to avoid any tuning issues. We want to make sure the way your piano is tuned now is how it will sound upon delivery. This is why we remove the legs, so that we can pad the case of the piano to protect it from any jarring inside the moving truck. Your Chicago piano movers provide the following services:

  • Free estimate
  • Pre-move consultation
  • Single point-of-contact with a moving specialist
  • Disassembly/reassembly
  • Home protection

Chicago piano moving is streamlined with Fort Dearborn Relocation. We want you to begin playing your piano again as quickly as possible. Give us a call today to find out more information about our piano shipping services.