Spring Moving – Reasons Why a Spring Move is a Refreshing Alternative

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is here, bringing with it warm, sunny weather, nesting birds, and bright spring
flowers. Plus, the beautiful weather also makes this time of year an optimal
time to move and Fort Dearborn Relocation is here to make sure your springtime
move goes smoothly. You can hand over the full workload by choosing our
full-service option, or do your own packing and leave the rest to us. Fort
Dearborn Relocation is your go-to Chicagoland mover for residential and
commercial moves, whether you are moving across town or across the world.

are many reasons why spring is a good time to make a change. Here are a few of
the benefits of a springtime relocation:


in the blustery winter weather with snow and sleet covering the road can be a
miserable experience. Who wants to be unloading boxes when it’s freezing
outside? Spring weather is more mover-friendly, with mild days and clear roads.
Since you won’t have to battle traffic on icy streets, your move will be much faster
and much safer for you and your moving crew. Plus, you will avoid the extreme
heat summer can bring. We suggest checking the weather to avoid any surprise
spring showers. Also, make sure to close boxes and tape them up to avoid
collecting a layer of pollen on your valuables.


a move in spring makes the transition easier on everyone. Kids have a lot of
school holidays during spring months and a spring move gives them time to
adjust to a new house and neighborhood before jumping back into schoolwork. If
they are changing schools, they will be able to check out their new school and
teachers with less pressure. Additionally, daylight savings time gives you more
hours of light to work with, while avoiding the traffic and expense of summer.


people want to move in warm weather, but a spring move allows for better, more
flexible scheduling with moving companies at a lower cost because they
typically have more availability. Moving in spring gives you a budget-friendly
option that still takes advantage of the warm weather and scheduling options.

Dearborn Relocation wants to make your move as smooth and easy as possible.
That’s why we offer full-service and budget packages, residential and
commercial moving, and short- and long-term secure storage. Give us a call
today or submit a quote form for a free estimate or to start scheduling your
personalized move.