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A company of any size looking to improve their supply chain management should look to Fort Dearborn Relocation. We are a leader in Chicago logistics management, from our warehouse to the final destination; we track every detail of your commercial goods. Our logistics experts can keep logistics on your raw materials that you ship to your business partners or the final products that can be delivered via home delivery straight to the customer's home. 

Your Chicago logistics company has your back, as long as your product is in our hands. Our detailed tracking begins when your product enters our facility. The items are logged into an online inventory management system, where we can track each items every movement. We know how much of a product you have in our warehouse to how much of it is leaving and being delivered to a single facility or multiple facilities. Details are important in a properly executed supply chain management process.

Supply Chain Management

As a third-party logistics provider (3pl), Fort Dearborn Relocation specializes in warehousing and distribution services that can be customized for each customer. If you only need a warehouse, but have trucks that can pick up your commercial products, your Chicago logistics company will provide you with a warehouse service only. However, if you need a place to store your products, as well as distribute those products, we can manage both services as part of your Chicago logistics services.

Inquire today with a supply chain management specialist at Fort Dearborn Relocation to find out how we can help make your logistics organized and successful. Your Chicago logistics company can also provide you with a free estimate for our 3pl services when you submit a quote form on our website.