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Archive your records the proper way by storing them in a secure facility where they can be properly managed by a team of professional Chicago records storage experts. Don't scatter boxes all over your office in file systems that do not make any sense to you or your fellow co-workers. Instead, pack them up and have the storage experts at Fort Dearborn Relocation store the documents for your company.

As soon as your records pass through our doors, each one is instantly inventoried into our computer system. This ensures that every person on our staff is aware of where each file is placed inside our document storage facility. You can retrieve your files quickly through our leading Chicago records storage department.

Records Management & Shredding Services

At Fort Dearborn, we make sure you have easy access to your files, but not so simple that anyone can come in and take your files. This is why we have a 24-hour call ahead request for files you would like removed from the facility, as well as a string of identity questions we ask to make sure the correct owner is walking away with the files. After you are done storing your documents in Chicago records storage, we can shred them onsite. The fewer amount of people you have touching your sensitive documents, the better.

Questions regarding records management should be directed to the document storage experts at Fort Dearborn Relocation. They can discuss every detail of the process, from the initial inventory management check-in to the final end-of-life shredding. You can receive a free estimate for Chicago records storage on our website after submitting the quote form.