Survey Says: We Go The Distance

In the words of that skinny old English singing guy, “Please allow me to introduce myself.”

While performing my duties at Fort Dearborn Relocation I wear many hats; and no, not just to hide my rapidly receding hairline… but I digress…

Fortunately, none of these hats clash with the professional appearing jacket and tie that I call my work uniform.  Not my driving hat, worn on the trip from Libertyville to Winnetka where I am to meet with a valued customer; not my consulting hat, worn while (you guessed it) consulting with that customer; not my surveying hat, worn in a Wilmette, Buffalo Grove, Crystal Lake or Arlington Heights residence while assessing the cost of transporting that home’s contents to perhaps Lake Forest, Lake Bluff, Northbrook, Glenview, or possibly even Arizona, California, Florida, Texas, or Colorado.

Of course, the above referenced headgear is figurative only. Because in addition to being expert movers, our Chicago area moving company is extremely well mannered individuals who would never ever consider wearing a hat indoors.  As they say (and yes, they do say a lot of things) our mammas raised us right. My point being, I do indeed perform all of the aforementioned tasks daily, and do indeed visit all of the aforementioned locations, sometimes it seems, all before lunch.

So, to make a long story less long, please allow me to repeat myself: It is my pleasure and privilege to, on a regular basis, travel day to day and from A to Z, be that Algonquin to Zion or to and from any other north or northwest suburban town spreading the Fort Dearborn word, and at the end of my busy workday reflecting on the words of a not so skinny American singing guy who observed, “What a long strange trip it’s been!”