The Do it Yourselfer’s Dilemma

Recently I took a call from a gentleman who needed some help unloading furniture from a rental truck into his new home.   He gave me a brief summary of the hardships he and his wife had endured during their cross country trek from Stockton, CA.  Not only was the road a challenge with “white-out” snow, a questionable detour, and 2000 mile bump-by-bump reminder that a moving truck is not a high performance vehicle, but even while stopped there was trouble.  After dropping over $1000 on the rental truck, they had hired a “professional” to help load. After an all day ordeal and paying twice as much as they were quoted, they learned the professional was grifting, not moving.  There was a motel with a malfunctioning furnace, and they had to stop to fuel the truck, A LOT.  At $100 per fill up, the cost was adding up. I could tell by the tone in his voice, he was stressed.  His body, his relationship, and his pocketbook were feeling the effects of a plan that, for numerous reasons, was behind schedule and over budget.  Some of the cause was out of his control, but I presume that much of it was due to his “I Can Do It” attitude and his misplaced confidence that he had thought the whole trip all the way through.

The delivery was supposed to be the easy part.  He had a friend that was scheduled to help, but for some unexplained reason he bailed. Now this gentleman was in desperate need of help.  Calls to several other residential movers turned up no availability. I offered him a quote to have two of our background checked and trained movers arrive at the time he requested to help him finish up the move. He paused. There was a brief, inaudible but seemingly contentious exchange between him and his wife. He gathered his thoughts and said that he appreciated the option I provided.  He felt our rate was fair, but this would just pile on the actual cost that had already far exceeded their budget. He told me that he would have to call me back. I never heard from him again.

Days later something reminded me of this poor fellow and his wife.  Did they unload it all by themselves? Did they coax another friend to help?   I wish (and I am sure he wishes) that he called me earlier. I have learned that “Do It Yourself” does not always mean “Do It for Less.”  I encourage people that are planning a move to explore all the options.  If the move is cross-country or cross-town, schedule one of our representatives to visit at the home.  It is convenient and free.  We can assess needs and offer options.

Maybe our friend and his wife would have learned that our Guaranteed Price, complete with top quality labor to load/unload, fuel and Full Replacement Coverage would have been comparable (and probably less) to the stop-by-stop fleecing they experienced.   Our moving company understands that a Full Service option is not always good fit, so we also offer Container Service options geared to the Do-It-Yourselfers. You can load our container yourself or have us help you, either way you don’t have to drive the truck!   Whichever option best fits your needs, we can help to inform and educate you. We all want a move that is as seamless and stress-free as possible. So before you make a decision, be sure you understand the details of all of the options available to you. No one wants to end up over-stressed and holding a pocketbook that is far too light.