The Successful Move

With most successful outcomes in life, it is the preparation that is key. So, with moving, the packing of all items to be moved is an integral part of the process. The Professional Mover, when packing your home, will supply all materials, supplies, cartons and label every box with all required information needed for each carton to be moved safely and securely and you can do the same.

For starters, size does matter, regarding cartons and the items to be packed in them. Professional packing can be an expensive part of the moving process but if you have the ability, the time and the right materials you can reduce your overall relocation cost by packing yourself.

Our professional DeKalb movers uses approximately 9 different cartons, paper and tape to pack specific items by size, weight, and how fragile an item is.

We have cartons for your books, china, glassware, pictures, artwork, hanging clothing and beds, to name of view.

Cartons and packing supplies can be purchased from your Chicago Suburbs moving company, self storage facility, local home improvement center or an online box company. Prices will very and all materials and cartons can be delivered directly to your residence, if needed.

When packing yourself, my first rule of thumb is…if it fits in a box, pack it in a box! Each carton should be packed using clean white newsprint and pack tightly from side to side and bottom to top. The tighter the carton is packed wil reduce the chance of crushing and vibration to any fraglie items. All fragile items should be packed in layers using newsprint to cushion each layer. Also, prior to sealing each carton, adding a final layer of cushioning to the top of the carton, again to reduce the chance of crushing. You will then want to write, with a permanent marker, on one side or end of each carton, NOT THE TOP, your name, the room the carton came out of and a brief description of the contents packed inside. If you have packed fragile items or liquids in a carton, please draw arrows “ON ALL (4) SIDES” pointing in the direction the carton should be placed during loading, transportation and delivery.

All packing and preparation should be completed prior to load day and one critical portion of the move process is completed!!! By having everything packed and labeled  safely and securely, your mover will be able to load all your household goods safely and securely.

Your successful move is now on the road!!!