Tips for Moving to Assisted Living

Making the decision to move a family member to an assisted care home is one of the hardest decisions to make. But once the choice is made, a whole new set of challenges await and it can be a daunting and emotionally draining experience.

We hope to ease the transition by providing families with a set of tips on moving to an assisted living community.

Stay Positive During the Move

The most helpful thing for family members to do is maintain a positive outlook during the transition. Even though you may not agree with the decision, your support is still needed.

Remember, your efforts should be focused on keeping the resident, your loved one, comfortable. In order to ensure they’re comfortable in their new home, the decisions made should be about what’s best for them.

Empathy and positivity are your best tools during a transition like this. Make sure your family member receives plenty of love and attention through phone calls and visits during the first few weeks. Having familiar company around can make a huge difference.

Ask Questions and Address Concerns

Many new residents have concerns about their new living arrangements and lifestyle. It’s important to identify what those concerns are such as privacy, meeting friends, daily routines, etc.

Assisted living homes often provide written materials addressing concerns and staff should be happy to answer questions as well.

You may be able to begin participating before you move in. Knowing people and having part of a routine established is a good way to take some of the pressure off the first few days of your stay.

Preparing for Moving Day

As with any move, it’s best to start early. Having the time to methodically prep for the move will have a lot of headaches.

You’ll need to decide which items are to be brought and which can’t be. If possible, try to obtain a floorplan of your room with its dimensions and furniture to get a sense of what to bring. Ask the community staff if they provide lists of items for you to bring.

Narrowing down what to bring is a big step in the moving process. Organize your belongings into “pack,” “family,” “charity,” and “garbage” piles. Even if you’re not bringing a lot with you, just a few sentimental items can go a long way in making your place feel like home.

If you have rooms that don’t receive much use, start the packing and labeling there. That way you can clear the house of items that you probably don’t need. Then you can start packing the rooms with heavy use. Don’t forget to ask your family members for help.

Many assisted living homes have staff members to help with the moving process, especially with the heavy lifting. Be sure to inquire about those services. Once you’ve got everything in your room, ask your relatives to help arrange the room to your liking. This will really help it feel like home.

Moving to Assisted Living

Moving is always a big change. It’s important that loved ones are there to show their support, emotional and otherwise. We hope these tips have been helpful.

If you’re looking for more helpful tips or a moving company to help with your transition, contact Fort Dearborn Relocation today for a free quote.