Tips to Prepare for Your DeKalb Interstate Movers

dekalb interstate moving

If you’ve moved before, you already know that
the process can be overwhelming. Not to mention the stress of transporting your
belongings across state lines! There’s no need to worry. Fort Dearborn
Relocation has well-versed relocation experts who can help you plan for a move
and arrange shipping of your items.

With our experienced DeKalb interstate movers
on the job, you’ll have help with every aspect of the transition from beginning
to end. Before we get started with the relocation, here are a few tips to help
you start planning.

Create a Moving Schedule Early!

You can never start preparing for an
interstate move too early. Even if your relocation is months away, we’ll be
happy to assist in developing a moving plan for your transition. Our relocation
coordinator can help you select from our range of moving and storage options.
We’ll provide full-service packing or just drop off a portable storage unit for
you to fill up a few weeks or days before you leave for a new home. Your
schedule should include a time frame for completing important events, such as:

  • Organizing Belongings
  • Calling the Utility Companies to
    Cancel Service
  • Submitting a Change of Address to
    the Post Office
  • Enrolling Your Children in a New
  • Cleaning up Your Old Property

Take Time Sorting Your Belongings

One of the best reasons to start planning your
move a few months early is so that you have plenty of time to sort through your
belongings. It can cost thousands of dollars to ship property via DeKalb interstate movers.
Most people don’t like paying money to transport belongings they don’t need or
even want. Set aside a half hour every day to sort through a few items. You’ll
be surprised at how much progress you make in a couple weeks.

The easiest way to sort is setting up three
piles of keep, donate, and throw away. If you plan on donating some belongings,
commit to a weekly drop-off at the local charity shop. Otherwise, your donate
pile will grow too large and you may not be inclined to drive it all over to
the shop at once.

Prepare Your Family

As a Dekalb interstate moving company, we’ve helped
relocate many families to new homes. It can be difficult for children to leave
behind everything that is familiar and start fresh someplace else. Sit down for
a family meeting well-ahead of the move to let your kids know exactly what will

Having extra time to prepare mentally and emotionally for a move can
ease the transition. You might even want to point out the many exciting things
the family will be able to do in the area. Focus on kid-friendly activities,
such as the zoo, water parks, and local entertainment. This will give your
family something positive to look forward to after the move.

Wherever you plan on heading, Fort Dearborn
Relocation is fully equipped to transport your belongings to your new home.
We’re Mayflower agents, which gives us access to moving and storage resources
all over the country.

If you need to store property in your new city, we can
help you find a local Mayflower agent with the appropriate storage facilities.
Find out more about our DeKalb interstate
by calling us, or request your free price estimate by filling
out our online form.