To Keep, Or Not To Keep… The Ultimate Moving Question.

Moving presents a multitude of issues:

  • You have to organize.
  • You have to pack.
  • You have to clean.
  • You have to plan.

Oh. And, of course, you have to cleanse, which is arguable the most difficult part of the entire process…

We’ve all seen or heard of the TV shows. We’ve all come across the articles. Perhaps you’ve even known someone who has had the misfortune of compulsively hoarding their belongings – forcing themselves to live amongst old newspaper piles and retired Beanie Babies well into their twilight years.

That’s not you. Not even a little bit. You throw the things you don’t need away. And if they’re still usable – like clothing and shoes and electronics – you donate them to organizations that can get them to less fortunate individuals…

At least let’s hope so.

Here’s a list of places that would gladly accept your donations throughout the Chicagoland area just in case:

For more charitable organizations that will accept your donations, call the Chicagoland movers of Fort Dearborn Relocation. You’ll be happy you did and so will the people you help. We also provide free consultation and no-obligation quotes – call now or go to our homepage for more information on one the best movers in the Chicago area.

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