Too Much Furniture, Too Little Space

Most Chicago apartments and condos don’t have a lot of extra available storage space for your belongings.  You certainly don’t want to waste that valuable storage space with excess furniture you are no longer using, don’t have room for or don’t want any more.

There is no need to throw out furniture that is good condition and could still be used.  If your apartment or condo simply doesn’t have enough room for your furniture right now, short-term storage could be the solution you are looking for.  There are a variety of Chicago area storage spaces including the secure facility at Fort Dearborn.

However, if you do not see yourself incorporating the furniture into your home in the future, it may be time to get rid of it.  That doesn’t mean you should dump it at the curb, though.  Give your furniture away to family or friends who are still in the process of furnishing their home or have been eyeing that piece for years.  Living in a city like Chicago, home of the Salvation Army, you have a variety of options for donation as well.  Organizations like the Salvation Army will even pick up furniture that you are donating.

There is no need to waste valuable space in your Chicago apartment with so many short-term storage and disposal options for your furniture.