Truck and Warehouse Maintenance: Behind the Scenes at a Moving & Storage Company

Moving day is a big event in any household and it can be exhausting just watching the moving crew pack everything up and load it onto the truck. But there’s even more that goes on behind the scenes if you’re utilizing a storage warehouse. Here’s a peek at what goes on at the Fort Dearborn moving & storage process after the truck has left your house and how we keep your belongings safe and ready to be moved into your new home.

Safety First

Moving trucks, forklifts, and conveyors are just some of the heavy machines that pose a risk to our drivers and packers. That’s why the number one priority in any moving and warehouse operation must be employee safety.

Everyone on the floor is well trained for whatever equipment they’re handling and they execute their duties with the utmost awareness and caution. Hazard prevention equipment such as sprinklers and fire extinguishers are checked regularly.

Inspections of trucks and trailers are an important part of keeping everyone safe and operations running smoothly. Brakes, suspension, lubricant, and lights can wear down after a cross country trip, leading to potential hazards on the next journey. For safety, we must ensure that everything is in good condition before we head out again.

Good Maintenance Is a Crucial Part of Transfering Your Belongings

In order to ensure that the area is safe and that your belongings are kept in the best condition possible, it’s crucial that the building and trucks are well maintained. 

Lanes for forklifts, for example, must be kept clear of debris and maintained daily. Truck trailers are swept clean after every move. The body must be checked for large paint chips where rust can invade as well as wear and tear on our tires. 

Another important aspect of maintenance is pest control. The last thing you want are birds pecking away at your nice dresser or insects crawling around your entertainment center. That’s why we always take precautions to prevent infestations like simple hygiene, inspections, and a pest purging schedule.

The Care and Handling of Your Household Goods

As one of the top long distance moving and storage companies, we take great care of your goods while they’re under our roof.

One of the most important ways in which ensure they are taken care of is secured, climate controlled warehousing. Many of your items wouldn’t do well in the extreme heat or frigid cold that Chicago, and the rest of the country, experiences. Your wooden furniture wouldn’t appreciate very humid conditions either. That’s why we take steps to maintain an optimum indoor climate for your belongings.

We carefully prepare each item to be shipped, ensuring that no damage occurs during the journey. Items are wrapped in furniture pads before being cautiously loaded into its container.

Our packers are experts in using every bit of available space within a container, efficiently and safely loading your goods one by one, ready to be brought to your home.

There is a ton that goes on behind the scenes of a moving and storage company. Keeping your goods in optimum condition is no simple task. But we go through the effort because we take pride in our work and we want to be the best moving experience our customers ever have.